Our History

Formed on 30th September 1970 by five like-minded pilots looking for some cheap flying; the first aircraft the group bought was a single-seat Turbulent (G-APUY). In 1971, the group decided to expand up to ten or twelve people and by 1972 the Turbulent was sold (and is still flying!) and a Fournier RF4D (G-AZUU) motor glider was purchased.

Between 1973 and 1975, the group purchased an additional aircraft, making it a very rare two-aircraft syndicate, with an Emeraude (G-ASDW), followed by a Fournier RF5 (G-AZZW). In 1982 another RF4 (G-AWGN) was purchased. In 1983/1984 the group was presented with the Masefield Trophy by the PFA for being the most efficient group in operation. In 1985 the RF5 was sold onto an aerobatic team called the 'RF4 Duo' and a RF6 (G-BLWH) was purchased to accompany the long-standing RF4.

In 1998, the then chairman, Rod Ashforth and Steve Bracey decided to sell the RF6 and rebuild a Robin HR200/100 (G-BVMM) which has been in service with the group until 2015. In February 2003 the RF4 was sold and a Robin ATL (F-GFRD) was purchased shortly afterwards as its replacement. After another change of ownership the RF4 was purchased for aerobatics being displayed at the London Red Bull air race, by Bob Grimstead. In February 2008 the ATL was sold and a four-seater Socata TB9 Tobaga (G-BIZE) was purchased instead. In 2012 we have decided to reduce the number of aircraft in the group from two to one, and having sold the TB9 went back to operating our faithful Robin.


Now, a few years on, with our Robin having given us some faithful service, we have now sold her onto another owner who we hope will have just as many years out of her that we did, and purchased our Cessna 172M (G-BSOG) in 2015.


We now have approx 14 members who all enjoy flying our wonderful aircraft.

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Our hangar is located at the

Gloucestershire Airport Staverton
GL51 6SP


To enquire about our group, including the purchase of shares in our aircraft please contact our Chairman on 07967 567772


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